Content of the questionnaire
Target audienceAdults
ApplicationThe BSI-18 is the short version of the BSI, a multidimensional symptom questionnaire that gives an indication to what extend the subject has experienced psychological and/or physical complaints lately in the areas of anxiety, depression and somatic complaints.
CompositionThe questionnaire consists out of 18 (6 x 3) items that can be scored from “”Not at all = 0 to “Extremely = 4”. There are no mirrored items. The total score is an indication for the severity of complaints.
SubscalesBesides the total score, there are 3 subscales:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Somatic complaints
Psychometric properties
GeneralThe BSI has been rated to be a sufficient reliable, sensitive, and valid questionnaire. The questionnaire is sensitive to treatment effects. Note that in the instruction manual the BSI-18 is discouraged to be used as a ROM-instrument. There are multiple norm-groups that have been incorporated in the questionnaire:
• Community norms (males/females/males and females combined)
• Oncology norms (males/females/males and females combined)
Literature and copyright

Derogatis, L.R. (2000). BSI 18 Brief Symptom Inventory 18 Administration, Scoring, and Procedures Manual. Bloomington: PsychCorp.

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