There is a choice of two subscriptions. Depending on the expected usage, certain subscriptions suit an organization best. The subscriptions consist of a fixed monthly fee per care provider. Video calling via Embloom Meet is included for one-on-one conversations. Optionally, we also offer extras, such as group conversations and screen sharing. These extras are included with a Premium subscription. With a Basic subscription you pay a monthly fee per care provider for these extras. A discount is possible based on the number of healthcare providers. Request a quotation for a customized proposal on our website.

Subscription€ 11,00 p.u.p.m.€ 42,50 p.u.p.m.
€ 2,00 p.i.
Psychoeducation€ 2,00 p.i.
Exercise€ 2,00 p.i.
Journal€ 2,00 p.i.
Module€ 2,00 p.i.
Video call


Video call extra€ 5,00
Customization€ 130,00 p.h.
€ 130,00 p.h.

p.i. per item – p.u.p.m. per user per month – p.h. per hour