InnoPsy and Embloom develop an e-health platform for Belgium’s mental healthcare


InnoPsy and Embloom have recently established a cooperation to co-develop an e-mental health platform for the Belgium mental healthcare. Thereby the parties aim to make e-mental health widely accessible throughout Belgium.

InnoPsy is the research department of ‘De Hoofdzorg’, an institution that offers mental healthcare, with 14 sites, throughout Flanders. Over the last 15 years, De Hoofdzorg has developed various treatment modules targeting mental health issues such as alcohol addiction, anxiety, burn-out, and depression. InnoPsy will transform these protocols to its digital equivalent and, together with the existing content on the Embloom’s platform, offer them to their clients, as well as in other treatment centres throughout Flanders. Therefore, within this collaboration, InnoPsy is not only the end-user, but also reseller of the Embloom platform.

“Belgium has a different healthcare system, culture and attitude towards the use of e-mental health”, according to Marco Essed, managing director at Embloom. “It’s important to collaborate with locale partners to carry out our ambitions within Belgium. InnoPsy has a large network and knowledge of Belgium’s healthcare as well as Belgium’s needs for digital support in the mental healthcare.”

Bart de Saeger, managing director at InnoPsy and De Hoofdzorg is excited about the collaboration. “In Belgium, e-mental health is still in its infancy, but that’s about to change. This cooperation will offer us the possibility to transform our own methodology into its digital form, in which we utilize Embloom’s technical knowledge. Moreover, the Embloom platform already contains hundreds of psychological questionnaires and exercises that we could definitely use here in Belgium”

The Belgium e-health platform is expected to be up and running throughout the first quarter of 2018.