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Embloom partner in large innovation project in Germany


From mid-2018 onwards, Embloom will partner in an innovation project concerning blended care, together with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), the Universities of Frankfurt, München, Hamburg, and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance. General practitioners will utilize the Embloom E-Health Platform in the diagnostics and treatment of mental disorders. The project is funded on a federal level with 5 million euro.

TK, the largest insurance company in Germany, has been observing an increase in the number of psychiatric diagnoses that require treatment for several years. Almost a third (30 percent) of the population suffers from mental stress, most commonly from depression and anxiety disorders. The family practice is in most cases the first point of contact. “In view of the increasing relevance of mental diagnosis, the treatment of depressive illnesses by the general practitioner is of particular importance.” Supporting the proven treatment in the doctor’s room vis-à-vis with digital instruments is therefore a pioneering treatment approach. “This is a good example of how digitization can help provide patients with optimal treatment that meets their personal needs in a short space of time, “explains Thomas Ballast, vice chairman of the TK executive board.

The Embloom Platform will support general practitioners and medical assistants in the diagnostics through digital questionnaires. As soon as diagnostics has been fulfilled, the platform will support the treatment process with i.e. psychoeducation and exercise material. As part of the project, around 2,000 patients from general practices will be able to benefit from the innovative blended care offering.

The federal fund is a health policy instrument to promote care innovation and health services research. The fund is used to support projects that go beyond the current standard of care in Germany.