Content of the questionnaire
Target audienceAdults
ApplicationThe Social Phobia Diagnostic Questionnaire has been developed with the aim to screen for social phobia and differentiate social phobia from other anxiety disorders.
CompositionThe 25 items of the SPDQ are used to calculate a total score for social phobia. The items are rated either in a yes or no format or a 5-point Likert scale. Additionally to fear, the SPDQ also measures avoidance in a range of social situations.
Psychometric properties
Reliability & ValidityThe SPDQ achieved very good values in the investigation of its psychometric properties. The internal consistency of the scale, as measured by Cronbach’s Alpha was 0.95 and the split-half reliability r = 0.90. A cut-off point of 7.38 has been chosen for an optimal balance between sensitivity (82%) and specificity (85%).
Literature and copyright

Newman, M. G., Kachin, K. E., Zuellig, A. R., Constantino, M. J., & Cashman-McGrath, L. (2003). The Social Phobia Diagnostic Questionnaire: Preliminary validation of a new self-report diagnostic measure of social phobia. Psychological Medicine, 33(04), 623-635.

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