Content of the questionnaire
Target audienceAdults
ApplicationThe HEXACO personality inventory has been developed to provide a personality assessment tool that is as complete as possible. It is available in different forms, that is self- and observer-report forms, as well as a shorter version with 60 items and a longer version with 100 items.
CompositionThe underlying factor structure of this inventory is similar to the big five personality factors which in large parts resemble five of the six HEXACO personality factors. HEXACO is also an acronym for its factors: Honesty-Humility, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness to Experience. In all versions of the questionnaire, the factors also contain four subscales each, and are measured by means of 5-point Likert scales.
Psychometric properties
Reliability & ValidityThe HEXACO-PI-R has been investigated in many different studies (see literature). These studies provide good support for the underlying factor structure with six factors, which are all sufficiently differentiated. From a theoretical point of view, this is interesting considering the more popular big five model. Convergent and discriminant validity have also been demonstrated. The internal consistency of all scales is good to very good.
Literature and copyright

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© Kibeom Lee, Ph.D., & Michael C. Ashton, Ph.D.

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