Content of the questionnaire
Target audienceChildren
ApplicationThe questionnaire was developed by the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, for assessing the severity of autism spectrum symptoms in children.
CompositionThe Childhood Autism Spectrum Test or CAST (formerly the “Childhood Asperger’s Syndrome Test”) is a 39-item, yes or no evaluation aimed at parents.
ScoringScores are calculated by adding up items. Higher scores indicate more symptoms. Scores can range between 0-31.
Psychometric properties
GeneralCut-off point is currently set at 15, implying possible ASD or related social-communication difficulties.
Literature and copyright

JG Williams, C Allison, FJ Scott, PF Bolton, S Baron-Cohen, FE Matthews, C Brayne. The CAST (Childhood Asperger Syndrome Test): Test Accuracy. 9(1): Autism 45-68. 2004.

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