Content of the questionnaire
Target audienceAdults
ApplicationThe AUDIT and AUDIT-C have been developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and are primarily used to screen for alcohol-related disorders. The aim is to identify people with a problematic level of alcohol consumption. The AUDIT is the full version. The AUDIT-C, which consists of only the consumption items is an even shorter and less intrusive measure which is usually accepted very well by clients.
CompositionThe AUDIT consists of 10 Items of which three are related to alcohol consumption (all AUDIT-C questions), three related to alcohol dependency and four to alcohol abuse.
Psychometric properties
Reliability & ValidityThe psychometric properties of the AUDIT have been researched in multiple studies. The results were very good. The test-retest reliability for example was › .85. The questionnaire further showed good correlations with comparable measures as the MAST and CAGE.
Cut-offsA cut-off value of 8 (for men) was chosen, because at this value, a sensitivity above .9 and a specificity above .8 has been demonstrated. The cut-off for women was chosen to be a bit lower. These cut-off values inform about problematic drinking. For the identification of an alcohol abuse disorder, the cut-off value is around 15-20. For older recipients, above the age of 65, the cut-off value can be chosen a bit lower.
Literature and copyright

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