Content of the questionnaire
Target audienceChildren (4-12)
ApplicationThe AQ assesses symptoms that have shown to be indicative of the mind-reading, attention to detail, social skill, and imagination domains of autism.
CompositionThe questionnaire contains 50 statements with 4 answer options, varying from ‘definitely agree’ to ‘definitely disagree’, and mirrored items.
ScoringScores are calculated by adding up items. Higher scores correspond to more ‘autistic-like’ behaviour. Scores can range between 0-150
SubscalesTotal score (0-150)
• Social skill
• Attention switching
• Attention to detail
• Communication
• Imagination
Psychometric properties
GeneralIn clinical practice the AQ has shown to be an accurate predictor of patients who will receive the diagnoses of autism. Research has shown that 95% of the patients with autism reach a total score of 76 or higher.
Literature and copyright

Auyeung, B., Baron-Cohen, S., Wheelwright, S., & Allison, C. (2008). The Autism Spectrum Quotient: Children’s Version (AQ-Child). Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 38, 1230-1240.


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